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Energy saver duct for ESPEC oven (optional)

March 14, 2016

Discharge exhaust air towards to ceiling with heat
exchanger for energy saving by heat recycling. See the brochure, page 19.

Advanced Battery Chamber (ADBC-Next)

December 24, 2015

We are pleased to introduce the ADBC-Next Type with
"technology for battery temperature uniformity".

Power cycle test system

December 24, 2015

New Functions Power cycle test system with thermal analysis capability using structure function.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of devices that generate high heat values, which include automotive products and other high-power-consumption devices, high-brightness LEDs, and high-performance CPUs.
Generally, an increase in a semiconductor device's junction temperature Tj will result in a shorter life and higher failure rate. Therefore, thermal design considering the radiation performance will be required in the design phase of the device or system.
To meet those needs, Espec added a thermal analysis capability to the power cycle test system for reliable evaluation of power semiconductor devices.

Thermal analysis capability
Thermal Resistance is a parameter of the thermal analysis function.
Measurement of thermal resistance, an important parameter for thermal design for improved heat dissipation, will serve as one index in thermal design.
By converting the measurement result of transient thermal resistance into structure function, heat conductivity of each structure part within the specimen can be represented by inclination. Measure the transient thermal resistance for any given cycle to check the time degradation of each structure part within the specimen.
Feature 1
For measurement of transient thermal resistance, the system features both heating method (dynamic method) and cooling method (static method). The user is allowed to select a mode to suit the purpose; for example, evaluation of stationary thermal resistance, or transient thermal resistance of short-term phenomena.

Feature 2
The thermal analysis function can be integrated into the power cycle test, which enables continuous evaluation without mounting or dismounting a sample from the unit.

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ESPEC Platinous J series creates new value in the world of test equipment

September 1, 2015

ESPEC introduces Platinous J series with the new network controller which allows monitoring and programming the chamber via any PC, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones on your network.

ESPEC Platinous J series creates new value in the world of test equipment

New! Simple and easy remote chamber management

New! Simple and easy remote chamber management

  • Remote access: You can manage your chamber remotely via Ethernet, serial port, or GP-IB by using communication commands.
  • Easy operation: Thanks to new Web application, now the same ease of operation is available remotely via a web browser of the PC and mobile devices.
  • Get notifications everywhere: Preventive maintenance plans and notifications via a chamber controller display, a web browser and email.
  • Email notification: Additional capabilities for notifications such as testing schedule and alarm notification via email.
  • High resolution with high speed 7 inch LCD
  • The screen title navigation/Smooth screen transition: Touch the side menu icon to show navigation bar and release the bar to display the screen to transit to.
  • Easy language change: You can change the display language to your preferred language at any time from the controller display.
  • Add-ons: Add the latest extra features to your chamber.
  • Easy programming and data collection: The USB port for upload/download of test profiles and test data.

For a sustainable future

  • The most energy efficient ever: Energy savings of up to 70% over previous models is possible.

3 year international warranty*

  • The most comprehensive warranty in the industry.
  • *Country Coverage: All countries where ESPEC has an authorized distributor.


September 1, 2015

Innovative solutions for your test laboratory

Remote chamber management on your network expands environmental test potential. ESPEC introduces ESPEC Online series that allows monitoring, control, programming, data logging, test scheduling and alarm & scheduled maintenance notifications by email.

Do you have problems to manage your test equipment?ESPEC ONLINE SERIES  make it easy!

ESPEC OnlineCore

Model PCS-ES
For users having multiple chambers and network devices

ESPEC OnlineCore
Up to 100 chambers and other devices such as network camera and measurement system can be managed at the same time. Other brand's chambers can be connected, too.

Features: Remote management such as test scheduling and monitoring via web browser on your PC on the intranet

ESPEC OnlineConverter

Model PN5-CN
Your old chambers works as a chamber with a brand new controller!

Add network functions to your existing chamber which does not support network connection. Support many chamber types via RS-485 (since Platinous K series, Benchtop type SH/SU-XX1, Thermal shock TSA-XX1, etc.)

Features: Remote monitoring, control, programming, data logging and alarm & scheduled maintenance notifications by email

ESPEC OnlineConverter

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