This article provides some tips for using chamber and network products.
Use these tips to save time and effort when carrying out test procedures.

#9 ESPEC OnlineCore - Introduction of Chamber Utilization Checking

This introduces "Chamber Utilization Checking," one of six functions of the Test management advanced package, an optional package of ESPEC OnlineCore.

Chamber Utilization Checking

Examples: Although the scheduled use of chambers is managed by the schedule function of ESPEC OnlineCore, etc., you want to grasp whether the chambers are actually operating as scheduled.
Example: Want to find out the utilization status and operating status of the chamber.

With this function, you can see operating rates and the total operating time of chambers for a specific period, enabling the comparison between scheduled contents and the actual operating status of the chambers to confirm unutilized chambers.

Monitoring operating rates of individual chambers

 Choose “Historical Data” on Menu Screen.

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