We would like to introduce to you a minor trick for using chambers and network products. Please use this trick in reducing testing work.

To share a program pattern between chambers that have different specifications, have you ever written the pattern onto a piece of paper, and then manually entered the pattern (which you have already manually entered once into the original chamber) into the copy destination chamber?

Examples) Temperature range: -20C to 100C temperature range: -40C to 100C
Temperature and humidity type temperature type

You have to convert program pattern files in the situations shown below. Download the application from the Test Navi site for product registration members, and then use this application to convert program pattern files.
Using the web interface to use program patterns that have been saved to a USB memory device
Using a USB memory device to use program patterns that have been saved to the web interface

We have prepared videos that explain the detailed operations of sharing program patterns.
We recommend that you view these videos.

The method to use in sharing program patterns varies depending on the product. These usage methods can reduce the input mistakes that occur with and the work that must be done to perform manual input, so we highly recommend that you take this opportunity to consider one of these usage methods.

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