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Evaluation Tests for Thermal Propagation Resulting from Secondary Battery Thermal Runaway

Differences in Development and Standards - Reasons Why So Many Electric Vehicle Accidents Occur Overseas, but Not in Japan

Introducing ESPEC's Charge/Discharge Evaluation System for Secondary Automotive Batteries

Fierce Battle Among Japan, Korea and China in the Battery Industry for Developing Evs

Development of High Pressure Steam Cleaning Jet Test Equipment Compliant with International Protection Code (IPX9K)

Approaches to Life Estimation of Electronic Circuits

Electriffication Business Models and Investment Strategies in the Automobile and Battery Industries

ESPEC Models Associated with Trends in the Automobile and Battery Industries

Safety Testing of In-vehicle Lithium-ion Batteries:Temperature Dependence of External Short-Circuit Current

Simple Methods of Estimating Power Generation Characteristic Parameters As a Solar Cell Module Performance Evaluation Technique

Trends in the automotive industry around eco-friendly vehicles and business prospects in related industries

Reliability Evaluations and Test Functions Devised for Automotive Power Devices

Ensuring Safety and Business Models for Lithium Ion Batteries

Initiative to Creating In-Vehicle Battery Safety

A Proposal: Mechanical Pressuer Duty Cycle Test Which Can Accelerate Degradations Around Interfaces of Photovoltaic Module Laminate Materials

* Report translated by ESPEC. Author not responsible for translation accuracy.

Original report written in Japanese:

Solar Simulator and Environmental Testing


Development Trends and Technological Issues of Rechargeable Batteries for Vehicle Use

Secondary Battery Assessment Methods

Impact Assessment in Safety Testing of Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery

Photovoltaic Module Reliability Testing

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