Privacy policy

ESPEC Corp. uses and protects the members’ information collected from the Test Navi Sign-up page according to the privacy policy described hereinafter.

1. Definition of a Test Navi membership

  1. A member is someone who filled in the pre-requisite information from the Sing-up page, and validates this information.
  2. We do not accept corporation, branch or position name as membership.
  3. We do not accept registration from companies in the same line of business.。
  4. To become a member, the applicant shall fill in personal information correctly from the 1st clause on the Sign-up screen.
  5. ESPEC Corp. reserves the right to suspend and/or refuse the registration of an applicant under he following circumstances:
      (1)In case of a fictitious person
      (2)If the applicant is from our line of business
      (3)If false statements were given at the registration
      (4)If the applicant was formerly banned from the site due to a breach of terms, etc
      (5)If ESPEC Corp. estimates the applicant does not qualify for membership for any other reason than the above-mentioned
  7. The member can terminate the membership at anytime by following the procedure.

2. Personal information use

ESPEC Corp. uses members’ personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To improve the website and offer better services.
  2. To send mail magazine or punctual information related to the website.
  3. To inform members of any exhibition, forum, seminar, product news or service news.
  4. To conduct our internal surveys for the purpose of marketing and/or promotion of our products or services.Your participation in surveys is up to you.
  5. For any other purpose previously agreed by members.

3. Personal information storage

Members’ personal information is managed through a secured and automatic processed system which prevents from information loss, misuse or alteration.

  1. Cookies
    This website uses cookies. Log-in cookies are stored in your temporary files; however they do not content any particular information on the applicant.
  2. SSL
    This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for security information encryption.
  3. Session ID
    Session ID is used for some of the website contents, to protect documents from alteration or tapping.

4. Release of personal information to a third-party

ESPEC Corp. does not disclose any personal information related to memberships, except on the following cases:

  1. If we received agreement of the member for information disclosure
  2. If we send information under the case of the chapter (2), through an affiliate or outsourced contractor. However, unless confidential agreement is signed between parties, personal information will not be disclosed
  3. If it is required by the law
  4. If proved necessary to protect property, health or life of an individual
  5. In case it is necessary to inform subsidiaries or distributors, in relation to an inquiry response, etc.

5. ID and Password information

  1. ID and password protection is the responsibility of the user. Do not let these information unprotected or at sight of everyone. Failing to do so shall not fall under ESPEC Corp.’s responsibility.
  2. 2. The membership shall not be transferred to a third party, nor shall the ID and password be lent.

Information updated as at 15/10/2014. This update was implemented in the section 2 of privacy policies.
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