Application Software License

Web application used by ESPEC CORP. includes open source software.
Refer to the information below concerning conditions of use for open source software.
Also refer to the official website of each of the open source software.

Open Source Software Applicable Products

Product Name Model Applicable Test Chambers (Reference) Software License
WEB MANAGER ≠WMA≡STD-J∞ ’Platinous J series(*)
’Temperature (& humidity) chamber EF series
’Walk-in type temperature (& humidity) chamber E series
’Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber **2R series (Option)
’Environmental stress chambers, AR series, Rapid-Rate Temperature Cycle Type
Network products (general-purpose package)
Web Integrated Network ≠WCE-ES∞ Network products(general-purpose package)
Web application ≠P2BTC∞
Bench-top type temperature (& humidity) chamber **2 Series
Stability Test Chamber CSH**2
Vacuum Oven
Constant Climate Cabinet LH/LHU/LU**4 series
Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber MC**2 series
Platinous J series (*)
Thermal Shock Chamber, TSD
Thermal Shock Chamber, TSE-12
Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber TSA **3 series
Environmental Stress Chamber AR Series, Standard Type
Faster Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber, SM series
≠PN5-CN∞ Highly Accelerated Stress Test System (HAST Chamber)
ESPEC OnlineConverter ≠PN5-CN∞ Network products (general-purpose package)
ESPEC OnlineCore ≠PCS-ES∞ Network products (general-purpose package)
(*)You can check the model of the software of the Platinous J series on the web browser screen.

These products use software covered by GPL/LGPL and the copyright of the software belongs to each applicable owner.
The users have the right to obtain, modify, and redistribute the applicable software source code.

Contact us by e-mail for information about software source codes and licensing.

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